Other Services

Systems Engineering

Taroko.org provides systems engineering expertise and advice to major projects and project teams. Our services include the creation and implementation of  systems engineering strategies and plans, interface management documentation, requirements engineering and requirement assessment, coordination of safety-related tasks. We also have significant expertise in areas such railway system activation and the management of system upgrades to existing railways.

Custom Database Development

Taroko.org can assist with the entire development process from initial requirements definition through to coding, implementation and training. The user interface and behaviour can be developed according to organization themes and logos, or can be developed from scratch according to personal preference for look and feel.

Process Definition

In order to manage a complex project it is essential that rules and processes are established. This is especially important if a data management system is to be used. Taroko.org can assist with the analysis of the project business model and propose process flows and procedures for each discipline or application. Standard operating procedures and flow charts are then developed. These procedures and flow charts can be designed to precisely match the project database implementation.

Sigma Customized to Match your Needs
How it Works

Each project is its own unique environment with its own quirks and oddities.

• The Sigma platform can be fully customized to meet any project need.

• New functions can be added as project needs evolve.

  1. The Sigma platform can exchange information with other databases such as Aconex, CP2, Documentum etc.

  2. The database name, appearance and user interface can customized to reflect your identity and logos.

The database adapts to you rather than you adapting to arcane software restrictions.

For a new project the latest release of Sigma-TSI will typically be used as a starting point, although other versions could be used depending on the required functions. That database will then be customized and modified to suite the exact requirements of the project. In some cases entirely new features can be added. These new features may eventually make their way back into the next Sigma-TSI baseline.

In all cases any new branch or derivative work is subject the same open source usage agreement.