All versions of Sigma are published under an GNU General Public License V3. This means there are no costly license fees and can be deployed as many times in as many places as you need.

The software license permits full access to source code so it can be inspected and/or modified by anyone with appropriate programming ability.

Sigma-TSI is available at Source Forge and at its own project page

Development Platform

The power of Sigma lies in its ability to summarize the status of any and all aspects of the project into a single consolidated portal.  This allows it to automatically bring together dissimilar elements into consolidated views and dashboards.

The assembly of major project data sets makes Sigma the ideal tool for Certification and Readiness evaluation.

The integration of major project data sets coupled with Sigma’s built in customizable workflow engine brings direct measurable benefits to the project. This translates into significant cost savings over the life of the project.

Consolidated Status Reporting Across all Areas of the Project

“Sigma delivers a single report summarizing status of all my deliverables, technical compliance and implementation progress to my inbox every morning. What more could a Project Manager want?”

The Sigma Community

A fully integrated project management and systems engineering solution.

Taroko has extensive experience in the deployment and customization of Sigma. Multiple branches and versions of Sigma have been successfully implemented and managed on major projects throughout the world.

Sigma-TSI is an open source database tool released by Taroko Systems International (TSI). Sigma-TSI is the latest generation of systems engineering and project management databases, built on the foundation and experience gained from previous generations of database spanning more than a decade.

Sigma-TSI and other Sigma branches are developed for  Filemaker Server and Filemaker WebDirect. Filemaker is particularly well adapted to the fast moving chaotic project environment.

  1. As a relational database development tool it meets all the requirements.

  2. Filemaker provides a single end to end platform for deployment including main server engine, User interface and web server are handled by a single development environment.

  3. Because of the unified environment, development can be based on a much looser specification and lets developers create a functional prototype in hours or days.

  4. Minor changes to a large shared database can be made in minutes without disruption to users on the live system.

  5. Relatively shallow learning curve (Engineers can make their own tools)

  6. Very high degree of interoperability with other systems

  7. Comparatively low cost

Taroko Limited is available to assist with all aspects of Sigma rollout including project tools requirements analysis, implementation, customization, IT configuration and hosting (Sigma Cloud Service). Taroko as a systems engineering company can also provide ongoing project management and technical assistance especially where the use of database tools are required. Contact us for more information.

If you prefer to go it alone in setting up and running your own Sigma installation, support can be found in the user Forums hosted by Post questions, engage in discussions and help others in the growing Sigma community.

  1. Correspondence Management

  2. Document and revision control

  3. Punch item and DRACAS

  4. Test management

  5. Comments & Design Review management

  6. Requirements Management

  7. Systems Engineering

  8. Hazard Log Management

  9. Change Management

  10. Configuration and Asset Management

  11. Customizable Workflows

  12. Contacts & Organization lists

  13. Status Aggregation across the database

Download the Sigma Functional Overview.

Core Sigma Functions

Status Manager Video